Making a perfect batch of soap requires extensive up-to-date knowledge, years of research and hands-on experience, and lots of trials. There are so many variables to consider when soap making and experimenting is just part of the fun, whether it’s trying out an original design technique or adding a new exotic ingredient, the possibilities are seemingly endless (and we are set out to try them all)!

Here at Temple Earth, we have close to 1000 stocked ingredients we can use to make our soap. These include a wide array of pure essential oils, clays, herbs and botanicals, natural oils, butters, colorants, extracts, and exfoliants. We continuously look for new and unique, skin-healthy additives that we can use to create some truly sensational one-of-a-kind creations.

Artisan Soapmaking by Temple Earth - We meticulously craft our small batch cold process soaps using only the finest, high quality ingredients from natural organic oils and butters, to phthalate-free fragrance oils, and everything in between. After our soap “batter” is made, it is then poured into premium pine wood molds where it sets (hardens) for 24-48 hours. Once fully set, the soap is unmolded and air dried for about 24 hours before being individually hand cut and edge trimmed. We then place the bars on our specially designed ventilated drying racks in a humidity-controlled room for a minimum of 4-6 weeks (this allows the allows water to evaporate from the soap to create a firmer, longer lasting bar of soap). The fully cured bars are then sculpted and polished with an acrylic planer/beveler to form a clean, smooth, and finished surface before finally being hand labeled and distributed to boutiques and online shops. 

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